Monday, August 27, 2007

Would you like RM 10 Million ?

This is the same Parliamentary sitting.
Every man, woman and child and 2 additional generations of Malaysians has just sent 10 Million Ringgit each down the proverbial monsoon drain.

And the UMNO/BN Morons in Parliament are still talking about a stupid youtube video made by a lonely teenager. Wake up people

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where's the money coming from

- China
- India
- Brazil
- Eastern Europe
- Developing economies within South East Asia - Vietnam, Cambodia

Malaysia - history of unaccountable and scandalous mega projects
- Politically motivated projects
- Enshrined discrimination and preferential treatment to sections of the population. Market forces and economic efficiencies are manipulated and skewed due to rampant discrimination and corruption.

Article rings true, who's stupid enough to pump in more money ?

What else is new

Every 2-3 years we come full circle again

What else is new ?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Youtube Ministry

The Malaysian Government has started policing youtube and will from now onwards will determine what any Malaysian can sing and talk about. This includes any written works of academia, digital images and digital video transmission over the Internet (aka youtube)

The Malaysian Government will also be the absolute authority in your opinion, thoughts and how you express it

Your opinion and manner of expression must be in agreement and must not differ nor deviate with the views and opinion of any UMNO politician or Cabinet Minister

The Malaysian Government and/or UMNO politician reserves the right to review and change their opinion.

Malaysian Government will continue to expand this new regulation to metacafe.

As a law abiding citizen of Malaysia. I must express my admiration to your absolute conscientious attention to namewee's video on Youtube. Out of the millions of videos, you are able to single one out. Your administration must be lauded, as you have resolved issues of poverty, corruption, economic competitiveness, healthcare and education. Inasmuch that your attention must now be focused on Youtube.

I present to you Youtube videos which you may have missed out.
- Pigs Dancing in UPM
- Adnan Yaacob Go to Hell
- Who Let the Dogs Out
- Melayu Mabuk
- Does Samy Vellu have to pay toll
- What happened to Malaysia

Your attention is greatly appreciated.

Can't see the light of Day

UMNO now has a vendetta against Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He exposed extreme levels of corruption within the echelons of the Royal Malaysian Police and Government (including Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister)

Activities that can't see the light of day.

EU Trade Envoy to Malaysia was unilaterally slammed for his comments on Malaysia's discriminatory trade practices.
He was told to shut-up, all because Malaysia's discriminatory policies cannot see the light of day nor stand up to any intellectual nor academic scrutiny.

Read here and here

Rommel said it was discriminatory and amounted to protectionism. Malays form just over half of Malaysia's 26 million people, with ethnic Chinese and Indians forming sizeable minorities.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak hit back at Rommel, saying he had overstepped diplomatic boundaries.

Malaysian police and immigration helping themselves to girls sold to sex slavery in Penang, as exposed by Dateline NBC
According to Anna, some of the Malaysian police and immigration officials were clients of the clubs where she worked and helped themselves to the girls.

OF course it will be brushed off, that too cannot see the light of day.

Chinese Malaysian rapper with his own rap rendition of Negaraku on youtube
HE rapped about the trials and tribulations of being a non-Malay, non-Muslim in Malaysia. Though he has a point, he's a wanted man now by UMNO.
Yes, this amatuer rapper is insignificant and his youtube video is not even important in anyway. Yet, the UMNO mafia has too much guilty conscience to let an insignificant youtube video go unnoticed. Yes, it can't see the light of day.

Malaysia, will forever be hiding in it's own shadows. Anything and everything that runs slightly foul of the establishment's stand will not be given a stamp of approval and whistleblowers will be severly dealt with.
This is the only way, UMNO, ruling elites and cronies of the political elites will have a free reign of the country and continue to be corrupt.