Friday, March 30, 2007

This makes me sick !

'Too lazy to treat sick kids'


PETALING JAYA: After just 10 days into the second session of national service this year, a parent has pulled his son out of the programme claiming the boy had not received proper medical attention.

T. Raja Mohan, 46, who went to Kem Paya Indah in Kuala Langat late on Wednesday to pick up his son Melvin Mohan, 17, lodged a police report yesterday claiming the camp had treated his son’s asthma attack with indifference.

“My son suffered an asthma attack during one of the evening physical training exercises. The trainers took him to the clinic at the camp but it was locked.

“When the chief trainer told a trainer to open the door and treat my son, the trainer said he was too lazy to treat sick kids and they should be left to die,” Raja Mohan, a product trainer, alleged in the police report.

See full report here
Do you know how many kids have died under this facade of "National Service" over the past 3 years, Read here

More will die if this sort of attitude persists

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A new beginning

Do I see a new beginning on the horizon. Only time will tell.

The Regime

I refer to the letter written by NAN, entitled Gov't not showing empathy with common man published by

He reiterated again that the government should empathise with common folk and instead of dismissing their complaints.

The fact that they had to resort to street protests is a reflection that the the government has not provided a response to their complaints and has not provideda forum in which such complaints and grouses can be heard in a civilised manner.

In addition, the public are also not given access to review any of the toll agreements
The writer, NAN has also reiterated that the Government should be more attunedto the public or voters in which they might 'abandon ship'

My response to this is sadly a pessimistic one. The Barisan Nasional Government has turned into a regime, a regime that is unaccountable tothe people.
How would you explain a government that does not give scant regard to the publicwhose main message is simply - rising cost of living and the effect of a one-sided agreement with monopolistic toll concessionaires is unfair to them.

The very nature of a regime is that it does not answer to the public. As it is, the checkand balance system of a democratic society is not applicable here. The Election Commission is not an independent commission, voting fraud are common. Whistle blowers and protesters are beaten and detained without trial just to stifle opposition and to allow the ruling party a free reign - freedom to abuse to ones personal gain.

I am sure the honorouble Works Minister will be returned in his Sungai Siput Parliamentary Constituency come next election. No amout of hue and cry will prevent this, as he has 'means' that bypasses the workings of a democratic society.

Let this humble writer, who is nothing more than an ordinary Malaysian remind him that his is a public office, and he has a duty to respond to the public.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, the government should be of the people, for the people and by the people.

Sadly, this is not the case here, not even close.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I cannot help but shake in fear

This is an excerpt of a History Essay from a student in St. Francis Instituition.
40 years ago, SFI would have been a premier school, however changing demographics, educational policies that do not favour Catholic runned missionary schools and a politicized educational system has forced these schools to be nothing but a dumping ground for rejects. Click here to view full pic

I am a proud LaSallian, and I suggest we take back our heritage
If you can't read, here's the full transcript

Setelah Agama Islam dipupoh Pengarut Agama Islam mengenal sistem tenaga nasional. Iaitu sebuah penjana kuasa elektrik yang memberikan masyarakat Melayu lampu. Dengan adanya cahaya dari lampu, masyarakat Melayu tidak akan hidup dalam kegelapan. Pertahuan seperti zina, riba, judi dan sebagainya tidak dilakukan lagi kerana mereka malu adanya tiang lampu di merata rata yang menyalah tingkah lalu mereka. In English, they are too shy to do tat stuff in the light. Scared people see ma. Stupid.
Mereka akhirnya dapat belajar kerana menpunyai lampu meja dan ini menjadikan mereka bijak. Mula mula mereka mengambil UPSR kemudian PMR, SPM dan akhrinya STPM. Banyak telah pergi ke Universiti cahaya langgit kerana di sana terdapat lampu untuk pelajaran mereka.
Perempuan tidak lagi di pandang hina kerana setelah ada cahaya, men felt shy because their body part are different. 1 bolt 1 nut. Really tiu lo. Adanya elektrik, mereka tengok filem cerita pokemon dan digimon.

Akhirnya mereka berjaya membina buah ampangan yang besar dengan jentera yang berkuasa tinggi.

Ajaran Shinto pula datang dari Tom Cruise. Dia ini seorang askar, generallah dunno not pangkatlah. 4get liau. Dia mahu kill all the stupid Japanese because they samurai all so lazy stuff. Tetapi kena tangkap dan diberi fahaman samurai. Selepas dilepaskan dia tak mau balik pula kerana ada anak cantik ma. Lepas itu dia pun fang kuat chai lo. His people went to kill him pun tak jadi. Ini telah tersebabnya Shinto

Agama confucius ini memang "confusing" entah bila masa mau makan dan entah bila masa bertapa...

I love this parable, I mean it. It's a parable.
Don't treat this piece as a joke or a curse...
Though I amuse myself of it, it scares me of the quality of our students in schools.
I hope the teachers are doing their job not just to get paid and leave this children in desperation. They need help and for whatever reasons, perseverance and passions must subsist; determination must persist and the children must not be abandoned to be left to decay.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Corruption cripples and we know it

This caught my eye, right in the middle of my Yahoo login

Corruption leaves Nigeria in the dark

For the vast majority of Nigeria's 140 million people who don't have the
means to provide their own juice, that means added din and filth and lives in
near-perpetual gloom, illuminated only when the power grid flickers

Despite low labor costs, Nigeria has little manufacturing due to the high price
of energy, among other factors. Across Lagos, Nigerians blame their notoriously corrupt government for the electricity problems, saying their leaders steal funds earmarked for the country's generators. The government acknowledges problems and says it's increasing generating capacity, but maintains nonpayment of bills, pilfering of power lines and tapping of fuel pipelines are also contributing factors.

In 1979, Nigeria had 79 generating stations. Twenty years later, after a series of ruinous military governments, only 15 were working, producing 1,500 megawatts of power. The government hopes to increase that nearly 100-fold within 25 years.

Want to know Malaysia's oil production ? Click here. Nigeria's oil production is three times Malaysia's, and yet the country is almost in an energy crisis.

Corruption cripples, long story short.