Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nafikan 2/3 Majoriti Barisan Nasional

I have to blog in Malay, I am still a Malaysian.

Hanya Tiga Setengah tahun, lagipun dengan dua pertiga majoriti,
Tetapi alangkah pengejutnya Pak Lah dan Khairi,
Pilihanraya Umum bulan Mac 2008, apatah lagi, tanpa Datuk Seri Anwar,
Apakah tandusnya keringat Si Luncai dan si Son-In-Law,
terpaksa dengan taktik politik murahan !

Cukuplah, Pak Lah, ini bukan zaman Lima Puluhan, rakyat jahil gilakan P. Ramlee
Kini Tahun 2008, dengan Malaysia-Today dan Malaysiakini,
Rakyat Malaysia, bukan bodoh segalanya,
Rakyat Johor meniti derita air bah
Pak Lah, di Australia rasmi kedai nasi kandar !

Cukuplah Pak Lah, Cukuplah Barisan Nasional,
Rakyat diperbodohkan, selama 50 tahun
Rakyat dipecah-belah, selama 50 tahun
UMNO dan Barisan, gelojoh ! Angkuh !
Rakyat Muflis, bodoh dan jahil
Kuncu Barisan hodoh dan bakhil

Malaysia negara tercinta
Dirogol penuh rakus Barisan Nasional
Negara ini diberkati Tuhan, dipenuhi berkat
Cukup untuk semua, rakyat yang dicinta.
Nafikan haloba Barisan Nasional !
Sipengecut, perogol, pengkhianat negara !




Dear Major, I also like it.

Just Do NOT Vote Barisan Nasional.

This blog is nothing in the scheme of things, merely a one-man crusade to make a difference in the only way he sees it or the only way he can. If you are reading this, if you are a Malaysian - Just DO NOT VOTE BARISAN NASIONAL.

As Raja Petra puts it eloquently here

Let me put it to you again in plain and simple English. PAS is contesting
only 60 Parliament seats. They need 150 seats to control two-thirds of
Parliament. PAS cannot implement Islamic laws even if they control two-thirds of
the seats in the State Assembly without controlling two-thirds of Parliament.
PAS is not pursuing the ISD any longer. Malaysia will remain a Secular State
unless two-thirds of Malaysians demand this country be changed into an Islamic
State through a referendum -- but then the referendum can only be called by
Barisan Nasional and never by PAS because only Barisan Naisonal controls
two-thirds of Parliament.

A vote for the Barisan Nasional, on the contrary is a vote for the Talibans.
Look at this news item again (Pro-government Islamic groups demanding stronger role for Islam ahead of polls in Malaysia) and here (PEMBELA declaration & press statement

Also read the demands of an Islamic state for Malaysia on Marina Mahathir's blog - The Taliban Demands

Assert the significant role of Islam in the state and rejects the notion of
Malaysia as a secular state.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's say my father hypothetically died.

My dear father passed away in 1996, being a traditionalist and always an optimist through his battle with cancer, he never made a will. After his death, we underwent a fair amount of paperwork and legal wrangle to have his properties transfered to my mother. To a certain extent, we may be lucky, as being a Government pensioner, and the fact that the home was financed via a Government loan, my mother was named in most Pension documentations and also Insurance papers. So the transfer was relatively easy and maybe Government officials were sympathetic to a fellow Civil servant.

In Malaysia, we have a peculiar situation. I admit I am not a legal expert, but this is what I gather from my readings and research. If a Muslim dies without leaving a will and the next-of-kins are not Muslim. The property cannot be transfered to the next-of-kins. No matter how much paperwork nor litigation the wife and sons can bring forth. These non-Muslims are 'not in the system', almost persona-non-grata, and hence assets cannot be transfered to a non-existent individual. Assets goes/gets reverted to the Islamic authorities who will act as caretaker for the property.

Now picture this, let's say a rich person dies. Leaves no will. Islamic authorities swoop in to declare and insist that he/she was a Muslim. Buries him as a Muslim.

Dead man tell no tale, and the state has no onus to prove that conversion to Islam has occured, no paperwork need to be presented, merely to 'insist'.

What's stopping the authorities from seizing the assets and property, and in a country where public accountability is almost zero, and one merely needs to cry 'In the name of Islam' and all civil decorum and procedures are stopped dead in its tracks. What's stopping the Islamic authorities from turning this into a profitable business venture ?


Some corpse snatching incidents

Originally published here.
Republished by the good Major

I will just provide a snippet.

A week after Wong Sau Lan's interment, it was revealed by Associated Press
and AFP that another Malaysian had been buried as a Muslim, against the wishes
of relatives. 74-year old Chinese Buddhist Mr Gan Eng Gor died on January 18,
2008. His eldest son, a convert to Islam, claimed that Mr Gor had converted to
Islam in July 2007, a claim denied by the other members of his family.Mr Gor had
suffered a stroke, and had been unable to talk for two years before his death.
One of Mr Gor's eight children said: "We have been practising Buddhists all our
lives. How is it that none of us, including my mother who has been looking after
my sick father for the past two years, has no knowledge of this?"

A Syariah High Court in Negeri Sembilan state insisted that Mr Gor had converted to Islam on July 3, 2007. As the other members of the family did not attend the Islamic court, judge Mohamad Nadzri Abdul Rahman ruled in favor of the eldest son. Mr Gor was buried as a Muslim.

It seems the onus is not on the state or authorities to prove that the deceased has converted to Islam. I wonder if any documentation was produced, what are the procedures or evidence that the Syariah used to 'insist'.

Even if I changed my name today, something simple and yet not exactly a trivial exercise, I have to make declarations and publish in major newspapers and there are civil procedures to follow, to declare to the world, that I have a new name, a new identity.
Here, in Malaysia, if Islam has such an important role, one which provides state accorded benefits, does it not warrant one to declare one's conversion ? Instead, vigilante-cum-authorities merely need to 'insist' and they come in and swoop dead bodies from greiving relatives and loved ones.

Well, this is Islam in Malaysia, no rhyme nor reason is required.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plight of Christians in Egypt.

I stumbled upon this post on the Good Major's blog - 7 Rangers
The Major actually played host to me in his camp. It is ironic, after all these years, I would have stumbled upon him again on blogosphere.

Watch it now, Christians in Egypt are reduced to nothing more than rats, living amongst Cairo's rubbish. It's a terrible, yet sad and humbling video to watch.

Continue to youtube for subsequent parts. Think again about Malaysia, look around you, ponder about whatever rights you have left. From complete strangers snatching the bodies of your loved ones, to your place of worship being demolised. Certainly you should be thankful that it's not as bad as Cairo. It's a slippery slope my friends, once the slide and erosion has begun. Before you know it, the beast and monster we have collectively allowed to breed and subconsciously nurture will be looking you in the eye, gnawing at your foot and swallowing you up alive.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Islamic Vampires on the loose in Malaysia

I am not in the mood to blog, too much has been going on - reading and thinking about things, actually saps and drain me out.

Just follow the trail - screenshots available below.

I am not an expert on what is right or what is wrong, but follow the trail, read and judge for yourself. The living have no democratic right in Malaysia, the dead cannot talk, and the afterlife (if there is any) is the main concern for Muslim Malaysia.
You think God will reward body snatchers bringers of grief and sorrow with 7 virgins ? Your guess is as good as mine.