Saturday, October 18, 2008

Economic rednecks in Malaysia

It was a glorious fall morning for me. I completed incorporating my business and just received my Federal Employer Identification by mail.

I never left the comfort of my office as I completed incorporating my business.
I submitted the application online to the various agencies and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

My spouse and I both have 50% equity each in this business entity.

What could be so glorious about this situation ? Isn't it suppose to be that way ?
Isn't it up to you who you want to participate in this business. After all, it's my business, I could give 10% of it to my pet chicken if I want to.

Governments all over the world welcome business and economic growth. Governments survive on taxes and the more profits I make the more taxes I pay.

How f*cking stupid will it be if I was forced to give 30% equity of my newly formed business to my Harley Davidson trotting redneck from Texas who lives across me.
He lazes around, drinks beer daily, watches football on his large screen TV, and leaves the mowing of his lawn to his wife.

Why the F*ck do I need to essentially give people free money ?
Why ?

It's not the case in Stupid Malaysia.
Here, the Muslim Government forces you to play St. Nicholas.
Not just on the day Chirst was born, but all year round, 365 days a year and every f*cking waking hour of your day.

Excerpt of the little snippet here.
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — The MCA has called for the abolition of the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement.

“Economic policies should be further liberalised and equity restrictions which limit business development should be abolished so companies will be more competitive in this challenging economic situation,” party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said in his opening speech at the 55th MCA General Assembly today.

“There are businesses already running but are suddenly told orally that they must have a 30 per cent Bumiputera equity and then given a year to meet this requirement. If not, their licences will not be extended. It has happened and is still happening.”

He said the policy was causing capital flight and that “the implication is when investors flee, these outlets will be empty and operators of office buildings and shopping malls are Malaysians. So there is a chain reaction.”

The outgoing MCA president said the implementation of policies was not consistent with the thinking of the Cabinet and national leaders.

“I have no problems with our leaders, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Razak, with their role in the Cabinet and Barisan Nasional,” he said of the BN chairman and his deputy.

“The problem is not the leadership but people on the ground.”

He cited the “prejudice and narrow-mindedness” of government officials in the handling of licences and tenders as an example.

“Before, it did not matter if a supplier was Bumi or not for projects and contracts below RM50,000

Go figure ?
F*cking idiots.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Syed Hamid Albar must think we, Malaysians are idiots or is he really an idiot ?

Sin Chew reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng was detained under the ISA for her own safety, according to our very own official Court Jester, Syed Hamid Albar.

Malaysia is such an altrustic state that it uses a draconian law the Internal Security Act, which provides detention without trial to provide "protection" to a journalist.

As we're all in a comedic mood here, please allow me to chime in with some gems. I must admit Malaysians do have some sense of humour (gathered from various sources)

1. In an immediate response, a housewife who has been in debt with Ah Loong (Malaysia money lenders or loan sharks) has applied to the Malaysian Home Minister that she would like to be arrested as soon as possible under ISA.

2. Kevin Rudd is sending an emissary to Malaysia next week, to work with the Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Home Minister and the Malaysian Prime Minister to see how the law could be interpreted in Australia. HE will be pushing his law makers to pass a new law similar to Malaysia that will allow Australians to be detained by the police if they feel threatened by Italian mafia, Chinese gangsters, and all other undesirables.

3. In Singapore, an accountant asked the Singapore government to introduce this new law soon, so that innocent people could find protection from the undesirables.

4. In another breaking news, next to be arrested under the ISA is Miss Tan's mother who bought vegetables at the Bukit Mertajam market during the Ramadan period as the wet market was alledged to have become very slippery. She is expected to be arrested at her home after coming home from the market for her own safety under the Internal Security Act.

5. The Malaysian police's ability to nullify a threat to Miss Tan's life within 20 hours has won accolades throughout the world. FBI, CIA, Mossad and MI-6 will be sending their crack team to Malaysia for intensive field training.

Also another first in the world, an Office of the Court Jester has been officiated in Malaysia. This is the first office of it's kind, East of the Suez Canal.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Mahathir has finally used the D word. It's Discrimination and Discrimination by any other means is injustice against the discriminated.

34. When Malay youngsters, especially boys, failed to study and qualify for university education, when they preferred to play and not study, we cannot expect the non-Malays to patiently wait and give up their opportunities until the Malays decide to become serious and study. That would not be fair.

35. That was why we introduced merit in the selection of students for the universities. Unfortunately, the implementers of Government decisions chose to interpret it differently. By requiring Bumiputeras to sit for the matriculation and the non-Bumiputeras to sit for higher school certificates, they managed to give the impression that the Bumiputeras were actually better qualified than the non-Bumiputeras. With this, the intention of the Government to make the Bumiputeras become more serious about their education failed.

36. There is a tendency among Malays to regard the discrimination in their favour as a privilege, as a recognition of their superior status. I think this is wrong. The discrimination is in order to give them a kind of headstart so that they can catch up with other races. To me, it is shameful to have to be protected because we do not have the capacity to compete. We are not Red Indians to live on reserves. We should regard it as a temporary expedient to be done away with once we have achieved the capacity to compete on our own.

37. However, we must give time for ending the NEP and it should be done in stages. I hope that the time will not be too long. In the meantime, serious efforts by the Bumiputeras must be made to avail themselves of the opportunities. If this is obviously not being done, then, as with entrance into the universities, the discrimination must end.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Censorship

The Fascist Political Party Barisan Nasional has instructed all Malaysian ISPs to block Malaysia-today.

Please use the following URL to get to Malaysia-Today.

Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat !

Friday, July 18, 2008

Education Hypocricy

I blogged on how sick, rotten and substandard our Education System is.
My years at UPM was an utter waste of time. Yes, I have received brickbats for my opinions.

However, it is good to know of an individual who totally agrees with me.
None other than Malaysia's Education Minister.

Education Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammudin Tun Hussein’s son is doing 'O’ Levels and will be going off to the United Kingdom this coming September to further his studies.Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa has been accepted into Georgetown University in Washington DC to read politics and international relations after doing her IB (International Baccalaureate).
Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s children are academically smart. However, it seems like both of them did not sit for SPM.

Before doing her IB, Nooryana had her education in Garden International School. Najib’s son, Norashman Razak had his education there too.

But Garden International School bases its curriculum on the National Curriculum of England. It teaches the English National Curriculum through Key Stages 1 to 4 and Cambridge ‘A’ Level.

Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin are cousins. Their Fathers were our former Education Ministers. Datuk Seri Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, was the Education Minister in 1955. Datuk Seri Hishamuddin’s father, Tun Hussein Onn, our third Prime Minister, was the education minister in 1969. Fast forward, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became our Education Minister in 1995-1999.

Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein is our current Education Minister.Well, there goes the saying, ‘like father, like son’ Hishamuddin’s son and Najib’s kids did not follow the Malaysian Education System (so I doubt they sat for UPSR, PMR or SPM) though they come from an ancestry of Education Ministers. Both of their grandfathers were former education ministers, one’s father was the education minister and is now the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia while the other’s father is the current education minister.

Full Report here

Here we have a saying, you have to eat your own dog food.

I guess Malaysians get to eat the shit and scrap that our political masters throw down at them, while they and their children dine on the best that money can buy.

I guess the Pendidikan Moral, Bahasa Melayu crap they feed your children is not good enough for them.

Read more about IB
My cousin who lives in Singapore took her IB when she could not get herself into the competitive Junior Colleges in Singapore - beside she has rich parents. She has since graduated from the UK (I don't remember which university).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Idiots and Thieves

I cannot help but had to share this story with my friends over lunch. My colleagues were from Singapore, India and South Korea. They of course gave a polite smile after I related this story. But frankly, it's not so funny when you are a Malaysian and definitely not so funny when these things actually happen all the way up to the highest public offices all over the country. From Director-General of the Immigration Department taking bribes over visa issuance to foreigners to Education Ministry building computer labs for our children which actually collapsed.

Full Report Here and here

A policeman has lodged a report against all his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed

A source said the lance corporal, in his 40s, was dissatisfied with his superiors for allegedly taking the lion’s share of the bribes while the rank and file received very little

The sergeant, in an apparent tit-for-tat, lodged another report against the lance corporal alleging that he had sold some old wooden and iron furniture from the police station to a dealer

What can I say more ? Not only a nation of thieves, but of immoral IDIOTS and MORONS.
As Raja Petra has postulated in (Good Muslim, Bad Muslim) - it's alright, as they pray 5 times a day and hence all sins are cleansed. Which really explains why the nation is in such a state of shit.

Pic source here

Nation of liars

I am no Sherlock Holmes nor am I a historian.
But a few simple Google searches yield the following.

From Malaysia-today
On 5 January 1999, the Attorney-General (AG) (added by blogger - AG is Tan Sri Ghani Patail) said, “Based on the medical reports and the investigation file of the Special Investigation Team as a whole, I am satisfied that several injuries alleged by the Complainant are not true, while there are injuries on certain parts of his body proved to have been accused by police officers whilst he was in police custody.”

The AG added, “I am also of the opinion that the Royal Malaysian Police is fully responsible for the injuries to the Complainant whilst he was in the legal custody of the Police. Nevertheless, the investigations which have been carried out so far have not identified the person or persons responsible for such injuries.”

So, 5th January 1999 - AG don't know who assaulted Anwar. Fair enough.

Fast forward 2 months into March 1999From BBC, Friday, March 5, 1999 Published at 08:45 GMT
Earlier this week, Mr Rahim Noor confessed to the assault during an independent inquiry which concluded its hearings on Thursday.

So, by March 5, the world whole knows Rahim assaulted Anwar. And, not a squeak from the (Attorney General) AG at this point

But, it was reported and here also
Mahathir and his government have been desperately trying to cover-up the circumstances of the arrest ever since. Four days after Anwar's detention, Rahim falsely told the media that Anwar was "safe and sound". After Anwar's first court appearance, Mahathir dismissed questions about police brutality, saying the injuries could have been self-inflicted to gain public sympathy.

So, 4 days after he was detained, Rahim Noor beat him up and then made a public statement that Anwar Ibrahim was safe and sound.
It was a performance worthy of an Oscar, I must say.

You all better pray you are never, ever taken into police custody in Malaysia.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where we stand and where are we headed.

Notwithstanding the current political turmoil which has unearth quite a few pieces of dirty linen.
This is an excerpt on how we are perceived by a foreign fund manager.

You will have near-term recovery in the index with the election behind us," said David Riedel, president of Riedel Research Group.
Although there are attractive opportunities to invest in individual companies in Malaysia, Riedel is worried about the overall strength of the economy and the stock index.
"One of my concerns about Malaysia is where it's positioned in the global economy in the next 10 or 15 years," Riedel said. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the Asian tigers, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, were high-growth economies driven by exports and that rewarded greatly equity investors.
"Now that China has established itself so firmly as the manufacturing engine for the rest of the world, I worry what some of these countries or economies are going to do to differentiate themselves," Riedel said.
Malaysia is neither the cheapest manufacturing option nor the most sophisticated, and as a result the country is in a difficult position, he said.

Read full report here

We all know where we are headed. We all know the challenges ahead.
Nobody gives a shit about Ketuanan Melayu, Ketuanan Cina, Hindraf, or whether Mahathir is right or Ian Chin is right.

The country now requires almost every possible arsenal it can muster to survive in the current economic climate and to carve a niche for itself.

We need Rule of Law, an Independent Judiciary, Incorruptible Civil Service, Clean and Efficient Government and most of all a high-valued Intelligent, Knowledge-based workforce.

Do you think your Government has really sat down and ponder about our survival as a nation ?
After all, the PM has a residence in Perth and a sailing yacht in Turkey.

Interesting statement here :
Malaysia's main exports are electronic equipment, petroleum and liquefied natural gas, wood products, rubber and palm oil.

After 20 years of Mahathir mega-projects and billions of ringgit, lofty concepts, Multimedia Supercorridor. Alas, we are still an exporter of Petroleum, LNG, Wood Products and Palm Oil.
I don't even see a word that hardly resembles anything that 20 years of Mahathir's Regime brought upon. Where is "Steel" (read Perwaja) Where is "Automobiles" (read Proton) How about "Software" (read MSC)

Same old stuff I had in my Ilmu Alam textbook from Darjah Enam.

What have we achieved ? Are we better off after 20 years of Mahathirism ? Who got rich in those 20 years ? Where are they now ? How has he benefited our generation, how else will our children suffer and pay for our follies.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


It is official, the nation is now rotten to the core.

A report has been lodged on the de-facto Opposition Leader for a sodomy charge.
Hard to believe, as he was right on the verge of exposing the Inspector-General of Police and Attorney General for fabrification of evidence.

Read here about the Fabrification of Evidence

Raja Petra made a Statutory Declaration that the DPM's wife was at the scene of the murder of the Mongolian model (Altantuya)

Then the Private Investigator for Razak Baginda was so pissed of that his statement was not taken into consideration by the prosecution team as they were wrapping up the case. He made another statement that the DPM (Najib) had met Altantuya and even had sexual intercourse with her.

An interesting excerpt
25.2 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.
25.3 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the Deputy Prime Minister.
25.4 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had all been together at a dinner in Paris.

What is it with Anal sex and Malaysian political conspiracy ? I wonder..
I know, "when not handled properly, you get shit all over"

IGP has announced a joint exercise effort between the Police and Military

From Malaysia-Today

Iraq is planning to sue those who have profited, bribed and from the The United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme
Malaysia was the fourth highest purchaser of oil under Phase IX of the programme (circa 2000 and above). This amounted to a figure of US$500 million or RM1.8 billion.

The report names Mastek Sdn Bhd as one of the companies that paid bribes to Iraqi officials amounting to US$10 million. The Prime Minister publicly denied any involvement in the scandal.

Mastek Sdn Bhd was at that time a dormant company which was revived by three persons, namely:

- Noor Asiah Dato' Mahmood (Abdullah Badawi's sister-in-law)
- Faek Ahmad Shareef (Noor Asiah's ex-husband)
- Jaya Sudhir (businessman)

So let's summarize
1. Badawi will need lot's of $$$ for his defence/payoff/bribe or to fend off the Iraqi lawsuit. Guess who will be paying for it when your Prime Minister get's sued ?
2. AGP and IGP will almost be trying to assassinate Anwar, as he begins to reveal details about how they fabricated evidence against him during his first sodomy charge. Guess what will the 2 of them do to get Anwar ?
3. DPM Najib Razak has now been directly implicated not once, but twice in 2 Statutory Declarations.

My 2 cents, the BN regime and cronies, must go and be flushed out. The nation absolutely needs a colon cleansing exercise, flush 'em all out and detoxify.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ISA again.

IPOH: Those responsible for spreading rumours that petrol stations in the country were going on strike would be dealt with severely, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said.

“This is an evil and treacherous act to sabotage the economy. I will find out who is behind this and I will take action against them under the Internal Security Act,” he warned after closing the Internal Security and Public Order Department Endurance Test Event here on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, petrol stations throughout Sabah and parts of Sarawak saw long queues of panicked vehicle owners after word had spread that the stations were going on strike for three days.

Police had to go around in patrol cars and advise people by using loudhailers not to resort to panic-buying as there was no truth to the rumour.

It was later learnt that petrol stations were not planning a strike but had only suspended credit cards sales.

Detention without trial for 2 years, simply for passing a message of concern ?
What constitute a RUMOUR ? What's next ?
Will the regular Mutu and Ali go to jail for telling his wife to go buy more rice as the price will soon go up.
Will Mrs. Ali go to jail for telling her sister to go buy more rice ?
Will Ah Chong to chicken rice seller go to jail for expressing his concern to his wife to stock up on rice.
Instead of putting some semblance and acknowledgement to the panic the regular rakyat is threathened with the ISA, yet again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Singapore Medicine

I took a cue from some one whom I would like to call a friend, crankshaft, she blogs on crankshafted
In her blog today, she wrote about Singapore's armament industry

My mind took off to an advert I read about SingaporeMedicine in one of the many inflight magazines I've glanced over.

Singapore has not only positioned itself as a financial capital, leading innovator in the arms industry, petroleum processing centre, biotechnological centre. It has now almost emerged as a medical hub. Providing unsurpassed medical treatment and care to well paying patients either from countries where medical treatment are prohibitive and countries in which expertise are lacking.

A quick review at the accoladates section and the patients testimonial would suffice.

I will highlight a few snippets here to highlight my point

1. Testimonial by Khalid Ibrahim of the UAE
Arriving in Singapore's Changi Airport, we were tense, worried about our daughter, but I remember being soothed by the attention I received from the medical staff waiting for us at the airport and the efficiency and harmony of our surroundings. They are ready, I thought, and a bit of the load on my shoulders left me. Our Fatma's condition was caused by a very large tumour in her chest. It was so big that it was pushing the heart to the right. Therefore, her lungs could not work as well as they should. And the cancer was growing very fast.

The doctors swung into action immediately. It was a nerve-wracking time for all of us. We held each other tightly every day. We couldn't talk because there were no words left. Each night, we would go back to the apartment near the hospital, pack what we needed and go back to the hospital. Luckily it was close by. Public transport in Singapore was so efficient that travelling anywhere at all was a breeze. Besides, being a small country, every thing was within arm's reach anyway. Furthermore, being a multi-cultural country, we found great comfort in finding mosques nearby where we could gain succour and relief through our faith. We were also greatly relieved and happy to find halal food easily and widely available owing to the large Muslim community in Singapore


2. Madam Chua B T, Henry's 42-year old mother. Further tests by a specialist later diagnosed hepatoblastoma, a rare early childhood liver cancer. Henry's parents were paralysed with horror.
After 14 months in Melbourne, the doctor there suggested going to Singapore to continue Henry's treatment as it was nearer to home. They did so, but with a premonition that the end was near for their son.

In November 2004, Henry was brought to Singapore to see Associate Professor Tan Ah Moy, Head and Senior Consultant of the Children's Cancer Centre at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH). "When Henry came here, we began chemotherapy and there was a good response initially but then it recurred. We tried another form of chemo and it reduced the size of the tumour. When small enough, one of our surgeons went in to remove the remaining traces," outlines A/Prof Tan.

In April 2005, Dr Chui Chan Hon, Senior Consultant of Paediatric Surgical Oncology at KKH operated on Henry. Henry's lungs were cleared of the tumour but he underwent a few more rounds of chemotherapy to remove any possible remnants. They then returned to Kuching.

Henry was to return to Singapore again in March 2006 after several tumour spots emerged on his left lung. His liver and right lung remained clear but AFP levels had moved out of the normal range. This time, chemotherapy was no longer an option since all protocols had been tried. Besides, Henry had become chemo-resistant.

3. From the day his son was born, Mr Ahmed Befal Ahmed Alshzhhi Alshehhi knew that something was not right

Recalled Mr Ahmed, "We approached as many as seven doctors, many of them foreign specialists based in Dubai. But none of them would take the responsibility to treat my son. They said he was paralysed, blind and deaf, and there was no treatment for him. I was disappointed that I couldn't find help at home." Despite the bleak prognoses for his son's condition, the businessman persevered on to find a cure for his child.

A doctor in a government hospital then suggested that he look overseas. Among the options were the US, Germany and Thailand, but the doctor highly recommended Singapore as he was confident of the standards of medical expertise there. Though Mr Ahmed knew little about Singapore, he took the advice. Through the Singapore Consulate in Dubai, he sent over photographs and notes of his son's condition, and was advised by a doctor in Singapore to fly over immediately for treatment. The doctor was Dr Vincent Yeow, Director of the Cleft and Craniofacial Centre at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH).


We could have been the Singapore of today, but on a larger and grander scale. We had the best Judiciary within the Commonwealth, we had an English-speaking and efficient Civil Service. Top medical school and university in the University of Malaya. Most of all, we had the people who clearly and dearly shared a common vision to make this country their home, their pride and joy.

Alas, this is not to be. UMNO plundered. UMNO divided the nation along racial lines. Created a nation of rent-seekers who dared not question their political masters, lest their crumbs and contracts are taken away.
The NEP, Reduced universities to mere social engineering factories. Commerce was stifled, when market competition was distorted based on quotas and easy loans to the well connected. All these under the auspices of the undebatable NEP.

Yes, we have regressed, and we have regressed tremendously.

I know some commenters on this have said non-Malays should get out while we can. Well the question is - what do you have when everyone with half a brain has left this forsaken land ? It is easy to answer or shout and scream Ketuanan when your child's life is not in the hands of a substandard doctor.

Islamic brotherhood aside, how many rich Arabs will send their sick child to Malaysia for medical treatment ? Lest they would rather have infidels treat their sick child.

Wake up to the real world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The old man cornered

To perpetuate and legitimise the occupation of Iraq, the United States government successfully brainwashed the run-of-the mill Americans. Ask a regular Joe of the streets, "Why are we fighting in Iraq ?" Most likely his answers will be :
"Freedom" or "Democracy" or "9/11"
Never mind Iraqis have nothing to do with 9/11 and Iraqis today have nothing that resembles Freedom nor Democracy. The Americans essentially have an unsanctioned military occupation force in Iraq.

What can be so bad to go to war and die for lofty ideals like "FREEDOM" or "DEMOCRACY" ?

It was so apt when I read this blog and also remembered Samuel Johnson "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" that everything rings so true with the Bush Administration and Mahathir (both are now on it's way to become useless appendage to humankind)

I quote from the blog above, which was aptly titled, Open Reply to Dr. Mahathir
It is quite obvious that you have mastered the fine art of manipulation. When everything else fails, what better than to stoke racial sentiment in order to gain support. That was what you were doing in Johore Bahru recently when you quite irresponsible pointed out that the Malays are the ones who would lose out if the IDR project were to continue. You than quickly followed it up in Japan when you reminded the Malays to unite and be strong because, according to you, other races are now asking for many things and questioning Malay rights. Samuel Johnson's "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" would normally be a cliche to repeat, but in your case, I would make an exception. Just change the word "patriotism" to "racialism" and you would, hopefully, catch my drift.

Again, it was heartening that a cooler heads (cooler than mine at least) have prevailed and the sight of an elder statesman stoking emotionally charged sentiments is certainly not welcomed.

Today very interestingly, another High Court Judge - Justice Ian Chin revealed high-handed tactics by Mahathir to arm twist the Judiciary. Full transcript here from the KK Highcourt

I truly wonder how many more skeletons and ghosts are lurking in the shadows, waiting to come back to haunt the old dude. Anyhow, he did mention, he does not care how history will judge him.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What goes around comes around

It was an interesting week, a spike in petrol prices has literally awoken the entire nation from it's slumber. I hope everyone will now take a long gaze at the Twin Towers, Formula 1 track, the grand Putrajaya and the Cyberjaya failure in a new context and a new light.

Did we not consider Norway's model of a Heritage Fund
Could we have anticipated or pre-empted the current situation. After all, the authorities were fully aware that our Oil reserves may not last till 2010, given the current rate of consumption.

Today the Norwegian Petroleum Trust is the world’s second largest sovereign fund, and fast expanding. It may have already exceeded half a trillion (500 billion) dollars. When the oil wells run dry, as they inevitably will, the Norwegians could still enjoy their present lifestyles as the Trust Fund’s income could cover the country’s budget till perpetuity.

It was indeed dissapointing for a senior statesman like Mahathir to succumb to racial rhetorics, at this juncture of the nation's economic and political situation.

A drowning man, will almost always bring down anyone that came near him, as he cluthces at anything to keep him afloat.
Yes, this is Malaysia, and every down and out politician will make one last dive to his personal political fountain of youth.

Malik Imtiaz made a good case here

Excerpt follows :
Though I am loath to say it, Tun Dr Mahathir has crossed the line. I recognize that he is fully entitled to act in the interests of UMNO. However his invoking of race and his equally dangerous incitement of racial fears directly threaten our existence and our future. His assertion that the Malays will suffer for the fact of non-Malays gaining political power is both unsubstantiated and dangerously misleading. No non-Malay politicians are challenging the status of the Malays. The Federal Constitution guarantees their protected status and there is a glaring absence of any discussion of an amendment to the Constitution. In the same vein, the call for a more equitable method of affirmative action can only be beneficial to the Malay community, a community that, despite the many years of the NEP and its successor policies, many of those under the stewardship of Tun Dr Mahathir himself, is still afflicted by poverty. This sad state of affairs is indisputable and has even prompted calls for reassessment by Malay opinion leaders.

Ahmad Mustafa Hassan was spot on, with his analysis of the fools that run this country. Where everthing is treated as joke.
We take the ‘UMNO’ general assembly as a case in point. Due to lack of positive brain power, the ‘kris’ was used as a symbol of manhood and courage. After this show of socalled belligerence, the stand up comic, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn would then take over the proceedings of the assembly.E ach speaker would try to outdo the other in coming out with hilarious and so-called witty comments and flattering pantuns.The leadership was entertained and so were the other participants. Serious talkers would be out of place in such a gathering.

And finally, Raja Petra on Mahathir (now aptly named the "Thorn in UMNO's flesh who have removed itself by Musa Hitam)

It must unnerve Mahathir that those whom he’d defeated have all bounced back. The impeached, sacked and suspended judges of 1988, recently rehabilitated, are public heroes, he the remembered villain.

The Malay Rulers have asserted their power more strenuously than at any time since 1984, his fight with them forgotten in an Umno chorus to rally the Malays around their rulers. For Mahathir, indeed, ‘Umno is no longer respected by the Malay Rulers.’

His old Team B foes – Razaleigh and Abdullah, and Tun Musa Hitam – are respectively active politicians and an elder statesman, he a cantankerous Old Man, or, as Musa described him, a ‘thorn in Umno’s flesh’ that had voluntarily removed itself.

Sabah, whose regionalist dissent he quashed, and whose peninsula-styled Umno-dominated politics he imposed, is again restive but now holds the key to Umno’s survival in power. Even the mass media pour scorn on him, he whose words and pictures they’d slavishly used to adorn their front pages, once upon a time in Malaysia

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of corruption, our public services and what are we paying for ?

On the day after the petro hike tsunami. Blogosphere is a buzz with the 0.78 sen hike on petrol prices.

In the typical learned-cum-academic fashion, Malik Imtiaz has properly summed up the conundrum that is Malaysia's
These choices are not necessarily prompted by elitism. It comes down to confidence, or the lack of it. The truth is that the public services are worryingly deficient, if not in levels of competence then in resources, to an extent that for many they are no longer a viable choice. This is especially true where children are concerned. Parents want to give their children the best, often at great personal sacrifice.

In short he is saying our public services is incompetent to an extent Malaysians have to resort to private means. Often with great economic consequences.

Failure to provide world-class education in the form of a meritocratic university entrance system and education system, means that parents literally squander large amounts of money for thier children's education overseas.

Failure of our law enforcement has resulted in most middle-class neighbourhoods hiring private security guards.

Failure of our Health care system with qualified doctors has resulted in large amounts of private funds used for private medical treatment and health care.

Failure of good governance and sound planning has resulted in faulty management of economic policies coupled with endemic corruption has resulted in funds used in non-productive efforts.
Space trips, North Pole trips, Monsoon cup, Formula 1 circuit, bank bailouts just to name a few.

Failure of our urban planning and transportation system, has resulted in our reliance in private vehicles (which are way overpriced in the first place)
Failure of social programmes means that parents must either have a maid to care for their children, depend on their aging parents or hire a maid

To paraphrase Malik Imtiaz, why are we paying taxes for ?

I remember Lee Kuan Yew who once made a statement, along the line of - Singapore owes it to her citizens to utilize the most economically and efficient means available for the benefit of her citizens.

Were we ever serious of our survivability as a nation, or were our governing masters busy lining their pockets all these while ?

It's not a difficult question.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Katak, kataks everywhere !

Malaysians and Malay are truly the proverbial katak bawah tempurung. I guess it's a mark of a denial symptom and a combination of a truly secluded society running on State sanctioned television broadcast and a cartel of major political parties controlling multiple mainstream media channels (both in print and broadcast)

One commenter who goes by the name of Jamil actually "pitied" me in that with university fees as high as US60,000 per year and according to him "good luck with your savings"

I actually pity him and am ashamed of him, pity him for his ignorance. I guess the adage, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king, holds so true. In Malaysia, where idiots rule, those who can read and speak a little English is a prodigy.

Firstly, let's take the published rate for a typical private school (say the prestigious Stanford University, in Palo Alto is USD34,800)
This does not takes into account grants, endownments which are pretty substantial.
See here for aid statistics (
and here for fees (

Let's take another prestigious public school, UC Berkeley - Per semester is 4,465.75 for California residents and 14,769.75 for non-residents.
Medical Program is 12,353.25 per year for residents
Again, this is the publish rate, which in most cases are much higher and does not include any financial aid and grants.

Translated to RM terms with dollar to dollar value, can you afford that kind of fees ?
MBA programme at Indiana University - $9489.00/term for Indiana residents
Another private school, Dartmouth University - $36915 per year (
It even comes with a disclaimer for the fees.
If you're considering Dartmouth, don't hesitate to apply because you think your family won't be able to afford the cost of a Dartmouth education. We meet 100% of each student's demonstrated need for all four years of your undergraduate career.

Approximate tuition at another public school, Purdue University - for Indiana residents is $8,060 per academic year
And of course, one can google more examples.

Closer to home, Australia National University charges A$8499 per ETFSL for Medicine.
EFTSL is the study load, for a year, of a student undertaking a course of study on a full-time basis.

International students pay A$40800 for MBBS and that is for Graduate Entry only.
National University of Singapore , Medicine - $18,230 for Singapore Citizens

Put $5000 per year into an college investment account every year and hopefully within 18 years and with a reasonable rate of return, say 6%, the college fund could grow to close to USD100,000 (not taking into account the effects of compounding).
Can I afford to have my kids at Stanford or Purdue. You bet I can.

Question is can you have your kids at Stanford or Purdue with your savings in RM ?

Of course, Malaysians don't need Stanford, neither do they need Dartmouth, Indiana nor Purdue - their universities are the best.

Graduates from Malaysian local universities can communicate with the Chams in Kampuchea. Which I am so ashamed to say, the typical Dartmouth business major will not be able to do.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Altered Sheep and the Mahathir Hypocricy

Originally posted here by Altered Sheep
Excerpt from here

Most comments in the quoted piece clearly had the idea that the Malay cause is more superior than the other races' plight for equality. Funny thing is how Malay supremacists think their cause isn't one which will make them look like filth in the eyes of the world.

Tun DrM should be ashamed of himself for claiming that many non-Malay citizens cannot speak in Malay. My stint with with the National Service is just exactly the opposite. Though people may not have the highest proficiency in it, they do try to speak in BM, and theirs is one which is understandable. It is these kinds of statements that promote racism. Shame of yourself Tun DrM. I wonder if you've met and known better more lay persons than a commoner like myself has.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mahathir is now out of ideas and he is turning to be a village idiot

The old man has no more ideas. Like a dying fish, he is flailing and gasping and like all dying politicians in Malaysia, they have to play the race card.

Thump their Melayu chest and again paint the the non-Malays as bogeymans.
The old man has his post here.
In other countries including the much-admired democracies of the West, citizens are not linked to or classified by their countries of origin. They speak the national language habitually, go to schools where the national language is the medium of instruction and adopt the culture of the indigenous people, or at least the people who originally founded these countries (the indigenous people having been systematically wiped out).

But in Malaysia although the national language is the language of the indigenous people, many Malaysian citizens cannot speak the language, much less use it habitually in their homes and with fellow citizens. Whenever some foreigner speak Bahasa Malaysia to them, they would reply in English. Foreigners cannot understand why they seem to downgrade their national language. And yet these citizens question why there is, for practical purpose, no Bangsa Malaysia.

I will spit on the floor right now ! If I could, at the old man's face !

How dare he starts questioning after non-Malays are literally treated like shit in their homeland. The official medium of instruction for ALL public exams is in Bahasa Malaysia. We learnt the language, excel at it. What we speak at home is none of the state's business.

Let's get real.

Why does an immigrant to the USA like myself, habitually speaks English ? For that matter, I also speak Bahasa Malaysia at home. Here I am treated equally, my children has access to the best universities in the world. In due time, they can function competently in the global economy.
The price I paid when I bought my home is the same as the next white guy. I am informed of my rights under non-discrimination laws. What has Malaysia offered anything to second or third generations immigrants (the non-Muslim kind, mind you) ? What have we benefitted from learning Malay. How many libraries are there in Malaysia ? Anyhow, I do like to look on the bright side of things, at least now, I can communicate with the East Timorese and the ancient Cham Muslim of Kampuchea, after 12 years of Bahasa Malaysia instruction, for that I thank you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

WE DESERVE to loose Pulau Batu Putih

We deserve to loose the forsaken granite island to Singapore.
I am not sure of the entire team, but 2 things jumped out at me

Consider this.

The following person was listed as counsel and advocates in the ICJ judgement.

Mr. Faezul Adzra Tan Sri Gani Patail, Federal Counsel, International Affairs Division, Chambers of the Attorney-General of Malaysia.

He is the son of incumbent AG, Tan Sri Gani Patail.
Graduated from UiTM only in 2005. (see post by 7 Rangers)

Unless this person is a genius, but can you imagine - a fresh graduate representing Malaysia at the ICJ. Don't we have other Federal Counsel or any other Magistrate court Judge for that matter !?
That's the problem with this damn country and the New Economic Policy-Cronyism-Nepotism-substandard-individuals-pushed-to-the-forefront

And look at the crucial 1953 letter.

I am definitely no freaking UiTM-graduated Federal Counsel or Cambridge University material, but this is hardly a letter from a sovereign state to another.
The letter was signed "I have the honour to be, Sir, your obedient servant"

This letter hardly reflects the notion of the Sovereign State of Johore relinquishing the Island to the Colonial Secretary in Singapore. Furthermore, it does not carry the seal of the Sultan, but an administrative letter written within the same British administrative umbrella. Has anyone ever seen a diplomatic note between States signed as such ? Within the context of the time, this is nothing mere than one civil servant writing to his master.

In addition, there is another missing letter

Of course, this happens only in Bolehland, where the one who wallow in malaise will continue to run the country down the dumps

Whatever it is, I am glad Singapore won, it will be good for the region. Just like how it's good that your mother gave you a tight slap, just because she's your mother, she's smarter, she's stronger, she feeds you water and cleans your shit. Singapore would now continue to maintain safe passage for ships over the Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits and ensure free movement of trade services. If Malaysia had won, I will guarantee it will be pandemonium as half-baked UiTM graduates plot maritime routes and wrangle with their kamus dwi-bahasa while waiting for their fathers to land an UMNO contract building computer labs somewhere in Perlis.

Majulah Singapura.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Superb speech.

Gobind Singh Deo, DAP, MP for Puchong

Listen to the last 30 seconds. Malaysian government has full knowledge of the murderers of Dr. Joe Fernandez, but refused to make a charge, because murderers were Muslims.

Unfortunately, speech is not in English.

Listen and see how Gobind totally exposed the thug that is the Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government from Barisan Nasional.
This is the Barisan Nasional that we've voted for the past 50 years. Time we kick them out of the House for good.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You may have known that the US-MALAYSIA FTA talks have stalled since 2006.
Trade delegations have met in KL, San Francisco and I have lost count how many times they have met.

Malaysia, the Cabinet minister himself, the national/UMNO mentality of preferential treatment; all of them have real and fundamental issues.
From Malaysiakini.
Malaysia's list of no-go areas - including environmental protection and the practice of giving Malay companies a leg-up in lucrative government contracts - have bogged down the protracted talks.

The negotiations, which began in March 2006, hit a deadlock during the seventh round held in Kuala Lumpur in January, after a year-long pause.

The United States, which is Malaysia's biggest trading partner, hopes a deal could be struck before President George W Bush leaves office this year, but Muhyiddin declined to say if a pact can be reached by then.

"The stand is very clear. While we want to see things move forward, there are issues which need to be addressed ... with regards to sovereignty, national interest, which we believe we cannot compromise," he said.

US assistant trade representative Barbara Weisel has warned that the FTA could be shelved if an agreement is not reached before the end of Bush's term in January 2009.

1. USA is Malaysia's largest trading partner
2. Increasingly competitive trade environment with the emergence of regional low cost centers China, Vietnam, India and Latin America
3. Continue to dish out lucrative affirmative action contract to majority Malays

What gives ? Are the morons blind or plain stupid

Monday, May 19, 2008


For 22 years he was the head honcho of Malaysia's political landscape, Malaysia's roving ambassador to the world. Malaysia's boon for 2 decades was Mahathir and Malaysia's impending downfall and bane will once again be due to Mahathir.

This man took the floor and ended his speech to a quick and thunderous standing ovation at Stanford University.

This same man, also engineered the biggest financial coup in our nation's history as assets from our largest and best government machinery in the form of Lembaga Letrik Negara (LLN), Jabatan Telekom was quickly bundled and transfered into private holdings to finance his fledgling UMNO BARU in the early 90s

Malaysia's meteoric and economic miracle is due to this one brilliant man. HE held the country and ran it like with iron fist. He silenced any individual critics and dismantling pillars of democracy or any mechanism of check and balances as he lassoed the entire nation together and dragged her kicking, screaming and ultimately totally broken to where he wants the nation to be.

HE is a dictator to one and a statesman to another. Like all dictators and statesman he left a vacuum. A vacuum so large, it's void spanned, engulf and consumed the entire nation's political, social, economic fabric.

From the grandiose Putrajaya and the conceptually brilliant MSC to the Singapore Scenic Bridge and his push for industrialization in the form of the Bakun Dam and Perwaja. These will remain legacies of a man who almost thinks he is too good for an idyllic Malaysia. In his mind, Malaysia needed symbols of success and it was his duty to put these symbols in place. Democracy and check and balances were mere obstacles to his version of progress.

Like all dictators and emperors and the most beautiful of flowers, there will be bees, and they came from far and wide, placating this old man with gold, honey and promises. Thus the Malaysia Inc. was born, tacked as another one of Mahathir's braichild, albeit it was his cronies who benefitted. The entire policy was nothing more than a label for cronism and favoritism as the Government machinery takes an active hand in business and industry. Civil servants and political parties curry for favours under this system of political patronage. Questionable, corrupt, illegal and downright dirty practices were further shrouded under the implementation of the NEP. Questions and critics are merely defended by the paper-thin and undefendable NEP coupled with zealous rhethorics on religion and race. Intellectual discourse and openes was never the way the Mahathir administration operates. It was never about the rakyat, but about his cronies extending their reach and control over you, over the old man and most important of all, the feeding on the fear and insecurities of the rakyat

Empires, regimes and dynasties do not last forever simply because Emperors and Maharajahs are mortals and soon enough incompetence and greed will quickly fill, consume and further expand any void of an altruistic leader (even if there is such a thing).

This is post-Mahathir Malaysia. Our social, political and economic fabric are tearing at the seams as we grapple with our existence trying to hold on to the sarong of the man who have sheltered us from the storm. We need the check and balances of a real democratic nation, we need the mechanism of a democracy to be reinstalled and most of all we need to step out of the shadows of the old man and begin to chart our own destiny.

The old man is no more and the quicker he is out of our memories the better it will be for all of us, as we must quickly pick up the pieces, mend our fort and move on concerted and cohesive, fully accountable to one another that we are a nation of people and not a nation of rent seekers and economic parasites.

The old man must go and he must be forgotten.

Friday, May 16, 2008


This is what the bullshitter mentioned at a press conference, announcing the cancellation of the use of indelible ink on March 3 2008, 5 days before the General Election.
Abdul Rashid said the use of indelible ink would not be effective as the country's constitution allows those who refuse to have their fingernail marked with the ink to still be issued with a ballot.

He added that the use of the indelible ink could infringe the constitutional right of a voter to cast his vote, especially if the commission tries to bar someone from voting for having an ink marked in his finger.

"From a practical point of view, the issuance of a ballot paper to such a voter would render the EC's proposal meaningless and will not bring about a positive result, whilst having the potential to create misunderstanding as well as altercations and arguments at polling stations," he said.

He added that the Federal Constitution gives Malaysians the right to vote and a black mark on the fingernail should not bar people from exercising this right, he said.
Abdul Rashid said the use of indelible ink would not be effective as the country's constitution allows those who refuse to have their fingernail marked with the ink to still be issued with a ballot.

He added that the use of the indelible ink could infringe the constitutional right of a voter to cast his vote, especially if the commission tries to bar someone from voting for having an ink marked in his finger.

"From a practical point of view, the issuance of a ballot paper to such a voter would render the EC's proposal meaningless and will not bring about a positive result, whilst having the potential to create misunderstanding as well as altercations and arguments at polling stations," he said.

He added that the Federal Constitution gives Malaysians the right to vote and a black mark on the fingernail should not bar people from exercising this right, he said.


It seems he has now brushed aside his entire academic reasoning of 'constitutional right of a voter' with just one freaking sentence "cabinet did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election"

The BIGGEST LIAR in Malaysia

Rashid Abdul Rahman, chairman of the Election Commision of Malaysia is the biggest liar

Not only did he not fulfill his constitutionally enshrined duties to ensure a free and fair elections. In a Malaysiakini exclusive today, he admitted that it was after all the incumbent government decision to cancel the use of indellible ink and not only did he went along with it, he agreed to be the fall guy.

Of course the rest is history and the Opposition (Pakatan Rakyat/People's Alliance) totally rousted Barisan Nasional's 50-year old grip in Malaysian politics.

Of course his pants is on fire now.

“I was told that I was to take the responsibility for agreeing to it. It's not easy being EC chairperson. I took the whole rap over the year,” Rashid told reporters after a function today.

Of course he can't take the close scrutiny and of course I don't doubt a person of his weak and manipulable stature can ever will.
As far as I am concerned, he's nothing but UMNO's lackey.

His life would have been a bed of roses if BN would have retained the 2/3 majority.
He would retire this year (after the freaking amendment to the constitution to allow this one man to serve an extra year, he was scheduled to retire this year, 2008), maybe pocketed some millions, set up a small business enterprise and continue reaping a few millions a year with tiny scrappy contracts to supply cakes, chairs and tables to UMNO's tea parties.

It is too bad that it was not meant to be, and he has now come crying out in the open that he was not the bad guy after all.

Well guess what, you had a public office and you were to serve the public.
Shame on you for serving the political masters and for that you have neglected and failed in the most important part of your job.

If you want Sedition, you should be charged with Sedition.

c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;

(d) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the subjects of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or of the Ruler of any State or amongst the inhabitants of Malaysia or of any State;

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free Raja Petra now !

Image from

In Malaysia, it is now a a crime to write investigative reports.
Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been put into jail for an article he wrote "Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell"

What now ?
Do you think we are all stupid ?
Even my pet pig, as stupid and lazy as he is lazing in the mud can ask the same questions.

UMNO and their cohorts have no balls, neither have there any answer to tough questions. Like I wrote and like everything that is with UMNO's MALAYSIA - it cannot see the light of day. UMNO's only answer is to shut those who question them, in whatever means they see fit.

It is indeed a sad day in Malaysia, these injustices have gone long enough in Malaysia.
Read the poem, First they Came

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

To those in Malaysia, donate and contribute for justice.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Everyone should read this.

Originally on Malaysiakini

This is not an exception. I myself have seen many, many similar situations and predicament, I was personally in the same boat. My naive, innocent yet blind loyalty to the country shattered within a single hour as every single, yes, every single one of my Malay friends leave on Government scholarships.
To add to it, my late father a Civil Servant himself, still had hopes that his son will one day land some government assistance for my studies. It was not meant to be, if you were a non-Malay - it was never meant to be, no matter how good or hard you work.
The odd thing about this story is that, there are still parents, non-Malay parents who continue to instill these noble values or loyalty, love and that virtues of hard work will be rewarded to their children. Non-Malay parents should wake up from this slumber, the political reality is that - the nation itself and the very construct that this nation was based upon has no place for virtuous people. It's a nation of cohorts, rent seekers and where the corrupt feasted on the poor, a nation where UMNO will run amuck with your tax money, further dividing the nation into various races brandishing to protect your rights, when they continue to enrich themselves.

It is a sad story - but sadly it's a story that's as old as the rain forest around this part of the world and it's a story that has been repeated too many times in many a family dinner table. Read on....

I am a teacher by profession. I am teaching in a government school. Being a teacher, I am expected to inculcate moral values in my teachings. I have memorised all the sixteen values ‘Nilai-nilai Murni’ as a result of twenty-five years of teaching – values that transcend curriculum. Day in day out, all the students are exposed to all the values which are expected to cultivate good thinking and moral values among our young citizens. Examples of some of the moral values are being kind-hearted, respecting each other, fairness, honesty, and moderation.

In the recent SPM examination, many of my students did very well, some scoring straight As. We, teachers of all races, felt so very proud seeing the achievements of our students. We had ‘Hari Anugerah Cemerlang’ in my school. Parents, regardless of race or religion were there to lend support for the programme and at the same time to motivate the children. One such student is my own daughter, who scored 12 As, best student of the school. She used to wake as early as 4 o’clock in the morning to start preparing for her SPM.

When I asked her why she has to take up 12 subjects and ‘torture ‘ herself, she told me, ‘I am not a bumiputera like many of my friends.’ So the need to take up two extra subjects (not offered in her school) in order to be on par with her Malay friends.

She applied for the Progran Matrikulasi well before SPM itself. Yesterday was the day she was eagerly waiting since obtaining her SPM results because all the applicants will get their reply from the matriculation office. While I was in school, my handphone rang. It was a call from my daughter. When I answered the call she was already sobbing, and I am so silly to think that it was tears of joy.

The sobs turn to cries after she heard my voice - she was devastated, depressed and very disappointed because she failed to get entry into this government-sponsored programme. She is the eldest in my family. I have another three school going children. May be I am to be blamed because it was me who asked her to study hard, get good results because being an ordinary teacher I can not afford to send her to private colleges.

When I came back after school yesterday afternoon, again I saw tears in her eyes. She asked several questions. ‘Is it wrong to get 12 As in SPM? My Malay friends who got 2As and 3 As got to do the matriculation programme, I am denied. What’s wrong? You are also a teacher just like uncle, (my Malay college in school) his son was offered a place although he scored only 5As. Why?’ I don’t have answers.

Being a teacher (I teach History and Moral Education), I teach my students to be loyal to the country, to respect the leaders, to obey the laws of the nation, to promote goodwill and so on. I encourage them to participate in ‘Rimup’ (a race integration programme among students of various races).

I do not know what to say to my daughter. I feel guilty because what I teach in school is actually rubbish, perhaps I need to tell them the reality being a non-Malay citizen of our beloved nation. For that I need to resign. Please Mr. Prime Minister, may be you have something to tell us.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our economic forecast

Depending on how you view it, GE12 would have been a euphoric experience, or a downright disaster. One thing is certain, investors and the flow of money are neither ethical nor are they unethical. It simply flows to stable markets and a growing and productive economy. Malaysia in my opinion is neither growing nor is it stable at this moment. Though we all may have done the ethical thing of denying BN 2/3 majority, thus stopping and putting the brakes on mismanagement of funds and corrupt practices of the Barisan Nasional.

The iShares MSCI Malaysia Index ETF (EWM) dropped significantly and has not recovered since.

Our so-called business 'allies' - the Gulf nations of UAE and Saudi Arabia are making beelines to Singapore and China. Does Islamic solidarity counts in the language of money ? Or does prudent financial management and a booming economy booms louder than the call of the Azan ?

Forbes published a list of the Worlds top 2000 global Companies

Below is the list for Singapore

And here's the Malaysian list

Total Asset for Singapore companies on that list totalled US$426.94 Billion and Total Asset of the Malaysian companies totalled US$278.68 Billion

So the top Singaporean companies in toto are worth 2x that of the Malaysian companies.
In terms of GDP growth, Singapore's GDP (PPP) for 2007 is US$31400 as compared to Malaysia's US$12900.

Source :

But before you wipe your brow, and heave a sight of relief that we're not too bad. Consider this :
From The US Energy Information Administration

Malaysia has had a good run of crude oil production since 1980, and since 2006-2007crude oil production has been declining. On the contrary, domestic consumption has increased dramatically.

Many thanks to our expansionist policies and energy intensive infrastructural economic policies. These infrastructural policies bears little long-term returns. A clear example is Proton, a car company, who's days are numbered even as the company tries to compete domestically against cheaper imports. The Sepang Formula 1 circuit, Pork Klang Free Trade Zone and Perwaja Steel to name just a few. Hence, the bulk of Malaysia's GDP or economic prosperity has thus far been generated by our crude oil exports or cheap access to crude oil.

Looking at Singapore from the same parameters paints a different picture

Crude Oil production is ZERO

Crude oil consumption is close to 900,000 barrels per day. Much higher than ours.

Singapore has been able to maintain good GDP growth within an framework of zero production with increasing domestic demand.

Malaysia on the other hand, has depended on crude oil for much of it's GDP growth, rising domestic demand have been eroding exports and it is expected that Malaysia will be a net oil importer by 2009.

Does it augurs well for this country ? Malaysia has a total landsize 474 times larger than Singapore and a net oil production country for the past 20 years, and yet the country has a GDP of 3x smaller than Singapore with a total asset of it's top companies 2x smaller than that of Singapore.

The damage of the past 30 years will be hard to undo. Until we all move in a concerted fashion rebuilding the nation brick for brick and instilling prudent spending coupled with robust economic growth - it is going to be a long road home.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The case of Menghina Raja Melayu

Need I say more ?
Malaysia has its fair share of conspiracy theorist, and for a long time, I have an nagging feeling UMNO has no love lost for the Malay Rulers. They have longed for a "Malay Republic" (in the Indonesian model).

Am I right ?
I think we should stop the March of Penentang Malaysian Union for our Merdeka Parade.
After all :
1 - UMNO has no respect for the Malay Rulers any longer
2 - Malayan Union was formed in 1946, that was a full 62 years ago.
Let's say these Penentangs were 20 years old then, they would have been 80 years old this year. How many 80 year-olds were there in the Merdeka parade ?
It's a farce, a charade, to project UMNO as the protector and saviour. They are not, UMNO is a political party, they serve themselves, and they enrich themselves.

After all Terengganu is where the petro-dollars are.
Reference :

Friday, March 14, 2008

Impasse in Perlis and the case of menghina Raja Melayu

We have an impasse for the post of Menteri Besar in Perlis

Bernama reports here

But nothing on the Perlis saga in The Star. The Star is nothing but an extension of MCA, highlighting Perak and Penang incessantly. No prize guessing who reads The Star and demographic and racial composition of Penang and Perak.

I have the letter but if Tuanku does not want to appoint me because the Ruler has confidence in other people and there are laws allowing him to do so, well, that is his prerogative and right. I have 120 days and who ever is sworn in apart from me, he can be regarded as going against the PM's order and an opposition. We will see what to do next as it is the people who has chosen the BN to lead the state, not individual.

Shahidan also said he was in the dark as to when the swearing-in ceremony would be held. He, however, said there were "dalang" (masterminds), whom he described as `munafik', who had poisoned the palace.

"Don't ever get near to these people because the Al-Mighty Allah will throw them into the hell."

So, talk about menghina Raja Melayu. Did Shahidan imply the Raja of Perlis to go to hell ?

Malay rights

Much has been talked and debated openly about Malay rights and the NEP.
To a certain extent we are treading on new grounds here.

Debates are healthy and in an almost newly found democracy like Malaysia (as of March 8). This change towards open debate and public clarifications is sometimes unerving to some.

I definitely prefer a healthy debate over issues coupled with opinions and feedbacks.
I certainly do not long for the old BN days where everything would have been decided for us. Shoved down our throats, just because the political parties think they know better and think they should do all the thinking for all of us, and we small-minded imbeciles have to be protected from issues of the state and decisions and policies that affect us all.

This pertinent culture and mindset that a ruling political party is all-knowing has been the cause of much mismanagement, cronyism, and breeds an environment of extreme secrecy coupled with a cloak-and-dagger-like management of the country.

How many nations has risen to be great with this pertinent mindset ?
Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Burma ?
Compare that with the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand.
Surely a no-brainer to point out the better ones and the ones where feedbacks and open discussions features in most matters of the state.

I would like to produce an excellent article written by Dr. Syed Alwi, regarding Malay Rights and Malay Responsibility

That's so old school, Lim

As Nat put's it

State Exco Council
DAP - 6
Keadilan - 3
PAS - 1
Senator - Keadilan - 1

I think this is fine by me.

So anyone wants to prove Keng Yaik wrong ? This is 2008, and I think he's a bit irrelevant. Just like the GOP here.

And what has Keng Yaik really contributed after 20 years in Parliament ?
Though, I agree he was one hell of a Palm Oil proponent.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim on Riz Khan

Listen to him from 7:00 onwards

I have just one word, impressive !

The Perak debacle

I guess everyone should read Raja Petra's analysis.

So PAS Perak jumped the gun. The PAS central leadership bit their lips and allowed the 'transgression' to pass. PKR too, in the spirit of comradeship, decided to say nothing lest it upset the delicate partnership that was in the midst of being formed and had yet to take off.

PAS jumped the gun before the announcement by HRH Raja Nazrin. So in essence, both parties are caught off guard. Not to mention these are crucial days, everything is in a state of flux and ever-changing. So I can emphatise with the state of mind of those who's directly involved.

Has anyone of you been caught in an ever changing web, where everything you should do depends on everything else that has not happened ?

Also, reading Tony Pua's opinion, an MB holds immense power in a state, therefore, starting off on a right footing is crucial.

It should be noted that the MB holds immense power in the state and if the ground rules aren't cut properly, then we will all suffer for the next four years.

I guess we have to see how it plays out. 50 years of mental conditioning is a hard thing to break overnight.

What we had on March 8 2008 is a revolution, of sorts and with all revolution you need time to let the dust settles.
We're all human and the mind can only comprehend so much change in a day, but what is crucial here is the breakaway from racial politics, accountability and transparency in governance.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Move on DAP

The decision to appoint a PAS Assemblyman Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar has caused shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters.

The DAP Central Executive Committee, at its emergency meeting in Penang on Sunday, 9th March 2008, had given approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government comprising 18 DAP Assembly members, seven PKR Assemblymen and six PAS Assemblymen.

DAP is prepared to accept DAP chairman and Assemblyman for Sitiawan Ngeh Koo Ham or PKR Behrang Assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as Perak Mentri Besar.

As the appointment of PAS Assemblyman for Pasir Panjang Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar representing the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak Assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled tomorrow

In an earlier Press Conference, DAP Chairman of Perak Ngeh Koo Ham has mentioned that the parties will accept the decision of HRH Sultan of Perak. HRH Sultan Azlan was after all former Lord President, he's not letting his state slide down Shariahville.
So, let's move on, honour your words, retract the boycot. Mohd. Nizar Jamaludin is after a professional Engineer (Ir. preceeding his name). DAP and PRK will have the Exco Council to smoothen issues out internally.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't they get it ?

Few days ago, MCA took out some full page advertisement, that it will continue to protect the rights of the Chinese ?
Don't they get it ?

Protect from who ? Pray tell us, protect from who ?
From UMNO ? But are you not in cohorts with UMNO ? For some reason, a scene from the Simpsons, played out in my head, where the ugly playground bully trundled along protecting kids, if only the kids hand over their lunch money.

This is another beauty from the non-evolved mind of UMNO. Numb through the years of easy money and the good life.

The new Chief Minister is motioning for a more professional administration with representative from NGOs.
He also motions for a more transparent government free from corruption and cronyism.

And what has UMNO got to say - "Make the Malays angry ?" "We will have unrest"
Unrest occurs in Somalia, Burma, Pakistan, Iraq. Where people are hungry and angry when their basic rights are denied and not respected.

To UMNO, MCA, MIC - drop the tail, start evolving and learn to walk like a bipedal humanoid. Maybe someday you will evolve to be a true human being.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A new political landscape

It was indeed a refreshing waking up here in California to a new spring morning. Spring comes early in California, we reverted back to Standard Time this Saturday March 8.

In a certain way, the 12th General Election was almost a battleground on cyberspace. Never in history did bloggers (Elizabeth Wong, Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim, Ancient Mariner, Seventh Rangers, notably Jeff Ooi) and many more blogs out there that worked tirelessly exposing misdeeds of the previous regime. Special mention to Raja Petra and Steven Gan's Malaysiakini

Never before did youtube played such a crucial role during the campaign period and even the years running up to this election. We watched BN antics in Parliament, Police brutality in Rallies, felt the wave of change and emotions in the Bersih Rally.

Never before, has opposition MPs used blogs so effectively. After all, Tony Pua and Lim Kit Siang are mere mortals - just like the rest of us; electorates now has a peek into their thought processes, questions, fears and whatever challenges that are at hand.

Moving forward, it will definitely be forseeable, that blogs, netizens will be keeping the new government in check. In addition, blog feedbacks, citizen reviews may feature prominently.

Much the same way, governments won through the military force would have a strong military presence as a form of check-and-balance (Indonesia, Burma, North Korea, Fiji)

Hopefully, the shroud of secrecy that so permeates the previous administration will be quickly taken down.

In essence, this may culminate to a true form of e-government. A transparent government, a government for the people and by the people. Government can no longer ignore the 'e' factor any longer.

It is indeed a new morning in California.

Yes indeed, 50 years of muck takes time to rectify.

From Elizabeth Wong
In our meeting last night, Anwar Ibrahim brought us down to earth.

First - we have to change this ‘bodek’ feudal culture of Umno. ‘Yang Berhormat’ or YB is only appropriate in the halls of the state assembly or Parliament. Do the Brits or Australians go around calling their MPs or state legislators ‘Right Honourable’ in public? Nope.

So please don’t call us YBs. It gives me a strange icky feeling if you do.

Two - any unreasonable perks will be slashed. There will not be any redecorations in our offices and we will use the vehicles bought earlier by the state government. Our salary will also be cut. We gotto cut those wasteful and unnecessary spending.

Tan Sri Khalid is gonna run this state like a corporation. We are expected to file quarterly reports like an good company. Expect some redundant committees and positions created to appease the Umno-aites to be erased. And yeah - no belly-dancing in those ‘lawatan sambil belajar’. It’s ‘belajar sambil bekerja’.

Three - we will be open to everyone in regards to suggestions and inputs. We want to be take stock of what is immediate and urgent. And please give us time. Fifty years of nonsense will take time to be rectified and corrected.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

From the Singapore Straits Times

Mr Abdullah spoke on Sunday as though none of this had happened, telling reporters he would go ahead and form the next government and giving no hint of his own future, which looks bleak. He has to survive his own internal party
elections later this year.

Maybe he has no comprehension what really happened.

Has he ever really understood a question ? See from 14:00 onwards.


From Malaysiakini election watch

Guan Eng to be Penang CM - 12.11pm
It is believed that DAP has named party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as the next chief minister of Penang. DAP won all 19 state seats it contested in Penang with PKR winning six and Pas two. There are 40 state seats in Penang.

Anwar ushers in ‘a new dawn for Malaysia’ - 4.08am
A triumphant PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim described the victory of the opposition parties in five states and its breach of Barisan Nasional’s two-third majority in Parliament as “a defining moment” in the history of the nation and the opening of “a new chapter.”

Tears were welling in my eyes as I read these words. The people have prevailed, we have had enough and this defining moment will hopefully usher in a new era for Malaysia.

PM: ‘We’ve lost, we’ve lost’ - 4.12am
These were the only words which Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could muster when quizzed on the ruling coalition’s shocking defeat in five states.

Abdullah was posed with the question during a press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. He was accompanied by his wife Jeanne, deputy Najib Abdul Razak and other BN leaders.

The prime minister added that he will make a media statement after analysing the results in detail.

No, Pak Lah. You did not lose - you were slaughtered.

Complete with a non-partisan election commission, unequal and biased seat allocation, rampant fraud with postal votes. And you still lost.

You were slaughtered.

In the last general elections held in 2004, Barian won 198 or 91% of the parliamentary seats with just 64% of the votes cast. The Opposition won only 21 seats or 9.6% of the seats compared with 36% of the popular vote.

Today the Opposition won 82 seats, which is close to 37% of the seats.
I will wait for the official statistics, but it is obvious, if I could be be so bold to say that 80% of the electorates must have voted for the Opposition.

Yes, you were slaughtered.

Thank you all, Malaysia truly belongs to Malaysians.

Friday, March 7, 2008

You think Malaysia has fair elections ?

>“We can't abolish postal votes. If we do, then not a single Cabinet member would be able to retain his or her seat,” argued Rashid during one meeting that was held to discuss how to reform Malaysia's election system.

Postal voting was introduced at the time the soldiers spent nine months on end deep in the Malaysian jungles at the height of the Communist insurgency known as The Emergency. Of course, The Emergency has since ended with the signing of the Peace Treaty between the Malaysian government and the Communist Party of Malaya. But the postal voting system remains.

The assembly was taken aback and flabbergasted that such a bold admission would come out from the mouth of the head-honcho of the Elections Commission. At least lie. At least pretend. But to tell the assembly direct to its face that postal voting is not about allowing the security forces to exercise their right to vote but about ensuring that Ministers stay in office is like telling you to your face 'fuck you'.

Is it not the job of the Elections Commission to run a free and fair election? No, said Rashid. The job of the Elections Commission is to ensure that the Malays do not lose political domination. With that second 'fuck you' to your face there was no point in continuing with the meeting. The assembly of opposition politicians just stood up and walked out of the room. It was clear that not only was the job of the Elections Commission to rig the elections and ensure that the ruling coalition stays in office, but they will do so boldly and will admit it to your face while telling you to shove off and go screw yourself.

Elections Commission is not there to ensure a free elections, it is here to protect the ruling coalition.
All the more, Barisan Nasional must be defeated.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Of Barisan Nasional, forked tongue and snakes

As Raja Petra so eloquently puts it

Anyway, PAS is contesting just 60 seats so there is no way a party that contests only 60 seats can win 150 seats. And PAS will need 150 seats to amend the Federal Constitution of Malaysia and turn Malaysia into an Islamic State and then start cutting off the hands of crooks and bank robbers. The government has said Melayu Umno bodoh. I hope, after 8 March 2008, I do not have to start saying Cina DAP bodoh. I hope that the DAP Chinese will read the statement from PAS that they are not pursuing the Islamic State agenda any longer. They can't anyway, even if they win all the 60 seats they are contesting -- and they can never win all the 60 seats to begin with.

Najib says that the Chinese should reject DAP because DAP is working with PAS and PAS supports an Islam State. Najib is therefore saying that he too does not support an Islamic State. Najib says that the Malays should reject PAS because PAS is working with DAP and DAP supports a Secular State. Najib is therefore saying that he too does not support a Secular State. To the Malays, Najib says he does not support a Secular State and, to the Chinese, he says he does not support an Islamic State. So what then does Najib support? Well, it all depends on who he talks to. If he talks to the Chinese, he will whack the Islamic State and, if he talks to the Malays, he will whack the Secular State. Najib thinks that Melayu Umno bodoh and Cina DAP bodoh as well. Yang pandai Najib seorang saja.

How long more can we stomach the forked tongue of BN.
How accountable is one, when one has a forked tongue ?