Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raja Petra's Moment of Need

We have been sidetracked, disgusted and to a certain extent entertained by political antics on both sides of the fence. From the Perak defection, the Perak coup, nude (actually no so nude but media-has-overblown-it) scandal.

Monday, 23 Feb 2009 is when Raja Petra's fate will be sealed.
He has vouched he would rather die than languish and rot in Malaysia's infamous Kamunting Detention Center.

Have we all forgotten this man, the pioneer, trail-blazer and eloquent writer who have sparked our imagination, stoked our patriotic fervour and master of our political awakening ?

Have we all forgotten that without him, we will still be innocently robbed and raped daily by BN and cronies. Without him, the cyber-revolution of Malaysian politics would not have even existed. Our political landscape would still have been as it was for the past 50 years.

This may be his last message here

He may be very well dead by the end of March.

Blogs who owe their existence and derived inspiration from him have almost left his agenda aside. They have since spun-off their own agendas.
It is time to hunker down to show our support for the man who will lay his life down for all of us. For the country he loved so much. He opened our eyes, how much would you open your hearts, your spirit to him and his family.

Look at the smile on your children tonight when you tuck them to bed, does he not long to see the smile on his children's face every night.

He has chosen to lay down his life for us.
Whose smile will he see when he is in Kamunting ?

If you must wear a black armband, wear it for Raja Petra.
If you must blog, blog for Raja Petra.
If you must weep, weep for Raja Petra.
If you must pray, pray for Raja Petra.
If you must fight, fight for Raja Petra, and if you love this nation, love her for Raja Petra.

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Manu San said...

I am very sorry for the situation in Which Raja Petra finds himself in the UK, but I do not think he is such an intelligent political activist. Yes, he is a decent and corageous person and has had the decency to confront this horrible Malaysian Government and its terrible ISA laws, the manipulation of the judiciary, the censoring of the press and the horrible events surrounding the assassination of Altantuya and the ascent of Najib, but his style is not the most diplomatic nor accurate. If he wanted to play the corrupt BN from within, he should have been aware of the subtleties and lack of values of those in charge.