Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sultan of Perak and the 1 BILLION question.

That is the word on the street. I leave it to the reader to make his own judgement and investigation.

Original article with SJSTeam

The following comment was posted on this website by Sinnerconman. The Might Of The Pen does not operate on the basis of rumour. We leave it to the readers to decide whether this is a rumour or otherwise.

There are news in the streets that Najib offered RM500 million when he met the Sultan for the first time in the morning. There was no respond from the Sultan. During the 45 minutes audience with the Sultan, Najib spent 30 minutes upping the offer and only 15 minutes trying to justify that BN be given the mandate to rule Perak.

During the next hour Najib was discussing with the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister offered to double to Rm1 billion and when Najib met with the Sultan again the second time for 13 minutes and he left the palace with that final offer without getting any response from the Sultan.

It was only later in the afternoon that the Sultan demanded MB Nizar to leave office. This means that one billion ringgit can buy a state. Perakians are sacrificed by the so called guardian of the state without any blushes!

One billion ringgit is the cost of Perak to allow the tainted, the immoral, defected and redefected and the corrupted to be the king maker.

Knowledge of law and justice without character and integrity has no value. Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.

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